Saturday, May 23, 2009

Jewellery days at Paddington Markets

Hi, well post number 1, you might remember me, perhaps you have bought one of my products lately or a long time ago at Paddington Markets in Sydney.

I guess I might start this blog with some memory refreshing, I started my business making jewellery(Beedees Accessories) at Paddington in the late 90s, so here is the first thing I made, to sell this is, I have always had a love of being creative and following my passions, I am very lucky I have the opportunity to do so as well.

So, I made these glass hair beads and what fun were they to make, I used to do my hair every Saturday in some crazy styles and helped my customers create theirs as well. They came in 12 gorgeous colours, pearls, as well as the mysterious glowing beads, brides wore them specially made with clear elastic and swarovski crystal beads.

I am looking forward to my baby girl to get some hair, hehe!

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